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Content creation and copywriting.

Engage with your customers.

Content marketing is an effective way to attract new customers to your business, and keep existing ones coming back. From asset creation, news articles and animations, to paid social content, blog posts and infographics, the best way to create engaging content is to focus on topics that interest your target market, and make them want to engage with you online.

As a content marketing agency with experience across multiple social platforms and industries, Scoot is equipped with a range of content creation services to help your business generate leads online.

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What is content creation?

Content creation is the process of producing text, imagery, video and everything else in between to enhance your online marketing and social media platforms – it’s one of the easiest ways to help your business grow and build traffic to your site.

Without a business strategy, would you expect to enhance your organisation?

Without a social media strategy, would you expect to gain followers and increase engagement?

Content marketing works in the same way, and all of the best content marketing agencies will agree – optimum results for your business will only come from a content creation plan that’s fully optimised for you and your goals.

Content marketing is one of those things that sounds great in theory, but is one of the most time-consuming things to implement. Yes, free tools are available online to help you along the way claiming to be all you need for a comprehensive content marketing strategy, and AI is an ever-growing presence in the digital landscape, but without professional guidance and support from a content creation agency, the results can be a little lacklustre.

Enter Scoot’s content marketing skills and digital marketing prowess.

Let your content tell your story

Content creation is all about telling a story. The story of your business, your team, your values – creative content that your potential customers will want to read, whether that’s on your website, in your email marketing or on your social media.

Every brand has a unique story to tell – our content marketing services are just here to help you tell it. Our creative team prides itself in our ability to extract the essence of your brand, shaping this into compelling content that will resonate with your audience, generate leads and hit campaign objectives.

This means that your content needs to go beyond facts and data analysis – it needs to evoke emotion across multiple platforms, reaching your target audience and positioning you as one of the most exciting brands in your industry. Your content should create a genuine connection with your audience. Creating content that resonates with your clients elevates your business – we’re here to make that happen.


Our content marketing services

Content marketing is an essential tool for brands to connect with their audience online, establish authority and drive business results in today’s digital environment.

By partnering with a content marketing agency like Scoot, you’ll be equipped with a variety of content creation services that will enhance your digital strategy and provide you with more visibility online.

Content strategy

Creating content isn’t just about writing some social media posts when you feel like it – you need a solid content marketing strategy to make your digital content creation worthwhile. Think of it like digital PR.

As a content creation agency, we use a multi-channel strategy that encompasses both organic social media platforms and paid social channels to promote high-quality content to your target audience.

Website copywriting

Not only focused on social media content, we can create high-quality content for your website that goes beyond mere information, transforming each click into a potential conversion. Your website is the online shopfront of your business, so it’s important that we create content that instantly captures the attention of your users, communicating your brand messaging to them and setting the tone for their user journey throughout your site.

From homepage headlines to product descriptions, we’ll create a seamless narrative that guides users to your marketing goals.

Blog content creation

A well-crafted blog is not just a load of words; it can be a dynamic asset that fuels your content marketing strategy, educates your audience and boosts your search engine visibility.

Our agency’s ability to delve deep into your company and your industry means we’ll be equipped with the information we need to create engaging content that ensures each blog post not only adds value but also resonates with your target audience.

Social media copywriting

Maintaining an active presence across multiple social platforms is a key part of a successful content creation campaign. To succeed on social, you need to elevate your brand messaging with attention-grabbing content that users want to engage with and share.

Our full-service agency is equipped with the talents of our in-house content marketers who specialise in creating social media copy that will be optimised across all social platforms to drive engagement and build brand loyalty, both organically and via paid social.

SEO-optimised content

Our SEO content writing services can help to improve your search engine rankings with high-quality content that’s been optimised to succeed.

Our content creation services include extensive research into keywords and competitor analysis, offered as part of our wider range of SEO services. With this data analysis in place, your digital strategy will be equipped with content that will rank high on search engine results pages.

SEO content services

Asset creation

When it comes to keeping your marketing efforts dynamic, asset creation is key across various platforms like your website, social media, and advertisements.

Our creative team specialises in crafting graphics, video content, animations, and illustrations to elevate your social media presence and drive organic traffic to your website. Working with Scoot’s content creation services means you know your visuals will always be strong and striking.

Content reporting

It’s important to know that all your digital marketing tasks are delivering the results you’re looking for.

We provide monthly reports that identify what’s been working, what needs to improve, and how we’re targeting your specific KPIs so you can see for yourself the impact our content creation services are making.

Our content creation process



The best content marketing campaigns start with research. Content creation is all about information, so we start with unearthing all we need to know about your business.

We work hard to discover all we need to understand your brand, your potential customers and USPs to make sure our content services are tailored to your specific needs.


Ideation and planning

Before we actively begin any content or social media management, our team will work together through multiple collective brainstorming sessions to ideate and plan all upcoming content creation, pinpointing where we’ll be reaching your target audience, what online advertising we’ll be carrying out, and how we can pull our creative services together to deliver results for your brand.


Content creation

Now, the fun part begins – enter the content creation phase. The skilled Scoot team in our content creation agency will get to work on writing social media content, your email marketing copy, blog content – really, any content writing that’s needed to not only inform but captivate your audience.

Not only focusing on the written word, our extensive content creation services will work on visual assets to support your presence on social media. We pride ourselves in delivering design that catches attention – whether that’s web design, social media graphics or video content.


Revision and feedback

As your content marketing agency, we want to make sure you love the content we create.

So before anything is shared, posted or sent, our content creation team will ensure all content is sent to you for revisions and approval, incorporating any valuable feedback before beginning the task of scheduling across multiple social media platforms.


Final delivery

Our content creation services don’t just stop when you’ve signed off your new content – this is when we’ll take the next steps of planning and scheduling all content across social media, email marketing, your website, and any other platforms detailed in your content marketing strategy.

Why choose Scoot as your content marketing agency?

Bespoke content marketing strategies – Our content creation services are bespoke and completely adaptable to you and your business. Every piece of creative content we work on will be tailored to suit your business, your industry and your performance metrics.

A reliable agency that delivers results – We are a tight-knit team of content marketing professionals, dedicated to working with you at every step of the way. Your account manager will always keep you in the loop with what we’re working on, what creative content needs your approval, and what brand content we’re working on next!

Long-term content marketing partnership – We take pride in becoming an extended part of your business. We believe that successful content creation can only take place when we work together on your content strategy to ensure we’re sharing your authentic brand story. We’re a digital marketing agency based in Glasgow, but working with clients on a national and global level – whether it’s a meeting over coffee in our office, or a Google Meet across timezones, we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have about our content creation services at every step of the way.

Create new opportunities online – As a strong content strategy is becoming increasingly important, it can be easy for your business to get lost in the ever-changing digital world. Working with a content marketing agency for your content creation needs brings the opportunity for your content marketing to truly succeed, leaving your in-house resources to focus on nurturing leads and making sure you never miss out on potential customers.


Answers to your questions

What is a content marketing agency?

Our job as a content marketing agency is to provide assistance and support in creating and publishing content online for a range of businesses and organisations.

This can be anything from social media posts, email marketing or blog posts. Our creative team will create both copy and visual assets to develop and execute your digital marketing successfully.

How does your content creation process work?

At Scoot, our content creation services provide a multi-step process to make sure any content produced is an accurate representation of your business, your brand messaging and your values.

Content marketing is an extensive journey of in-depth industry research, understanding your brand’s unique voice, strategic planning, collaborative ideation, content writing, visual enhancement and extensive quality assurance – a wide selection of creative services from every member of our content creation agency. We work closely with you to ensure that the final content aligns seamlessly with your goals and resonates with your target audience.

What industries do you specialise in?

Our content creation services can be utilised by clients across multiple industries. From global leading brands to small and medium-sized businesses, our content services will help you target audiences and boost your online advertising. From construction and employment to e-commerce and law, content marketing campaigns can be tailored to suit your niche, no matter what that is.

Although we’re a digital marketing agency based in Glasgow, we work with clients on a national, even global scale, delivering content creation services to provide your business with more visibility online.

Can I request revisions to the content?


At Scoot, client satisfaction is at the top of our list. We’ll always encourage open communication to ensure the creative content we’re working on, whether it be for social media, your website, email marketing or video content.

If you feel revisions are needed, we’re here to listen – your brand content should align perfectly with your vision and expectations. Our production team is here to make that happen and deliver high-quality content creation for you.

How do you ensure SEO optimisation in your content?

SEO (search engine optimisation) is ingrained in our content creation process, from content strategy and competitor analysis to keyword research and content writing.

With a talented SEO specialist within our digital marketing agency, you can be assured that we’re always conscious to consider on-page SEO techniques, including meta-tag optimisation and adherence to SEO best practices across all content produced.

We aim not only to inform and engage your audience but also to enhance your online presence and attract website traffic.

What sets your copywriting services apart from others?

At Scoot, we believe our copywriting services are equipped to help you meet your marketing goals as we have an unwavering commitment to excellence throughout our whole team.

With industry expertise influencing every word we write, our holistic approach to copywriting means we’re committed to creating compelling narratives. As a content marketing agency rooted in creativity and originality, we’ll always ensure your content marketing is unique and bespoke to your business and your goals.

Our copywriting is always powered by a content strategy that’s unique to your organisation. Our in-depth research, collaborative process, design integration and continuous optimisation set us apart, ensuring that your brand’s voice is not just heard but remembered amidst the noise.

Why do I need a content creation agency to help with social media content?

Social media is a dynamic landscape that requires strategic planning, creative expertise and continuous monitoring & adaptation.

Content creation services from a content marketing agency like Scoot bring a wealth of experience, industry insights and a dedicated digital marketing team to help you navigate the complexities of social media. We’ll make sure your content is not only visually appealing but also aligned with your brand strategy, building engagement and growth to deliver results.

You might not need us to create everything for you – and that’s fine! We can provide detailed content briefs to ensure the copy that you’re writing is optimised for both your target audience and search engines, making you more likely to get discovered online.

What social media platforms do you provide content creation services for?

No two content marketing strategies will be the same for any two businesses, which is why we provide content creation and social media strategy services for multiple platforms. We will work with you to select the social media platforms that are best for your business, whether that’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, X or TikTok.

How do you charge for content marketing services?

Our cost structure is customised based on the scope of content creation required, the complexity of your digital requirements and the specific goals of your business.

We offer transparent pricing, breaking down costs associated with different components of your digital strategy that are charged monthly.

We believe it all comes back to value. Creating engaging content for your clients elevates your relationship with them, leading to brand loyalty and hitting your marketing goals.