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A strong social media marketing campaign is an essential tool for your business to target customers, reach a wider audience and generate leads across a range of social media channels.

The internet has changed the way we communicate, the way we make purchasing decisions, the brands we trust, and more. It’s also changing the way that companies interact with their customers and handle business growth.

Our team of social media marketing experts is committed to combining marketing strategy with fierce creative to deliver results for you online.

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Does my business need to be on social media?

In short, yes.

Social media marketing, powered by an engaging social media strategy, allows your business to connect directly with your customers online.

By creating a social presence that’s powered by strategic thinking, a dedicated brand voice and engaging content creation, you can build relationships with new clients and increase brand awareness, as well as create a space for community management and interaction with current customers.

By working with a social media marketing agency, you can take advantage of the skillset of a creative team that is experienced in online marketing and social channels that will encourage brand engagement that’s in line with your business goals.

Which platforms are right for my business?

Not all social platforms will be the right fit for your business, so engaging with a social media marketing agency that can create a marketing plan built around your marketing goals is crucial to ensuring you create content that will drive sales.

Before we kick things off, we’ll carry out industry and competitor research, analysing online trends in line with your business goals to make sure your social media campaign will be placing your content in front of the right people.

Facebook page management

Building a loyal audience online is a strategic process that involves strategic content creation, consistent engagement and a genuine connection with your followers.

We’ll make sure you’re using a marketing strategy that encourages a strong social presence and online brand development. Whether you’re focusing on paid media or organic content creation, we’re here to make your social media presence strong.

Instagram account management

Instagram is a dynamic social media platform that thrives on visually appealing content and meaningful engagement with your target audience.

Our social media marketing experts will create visual assets that adhere to any branding guidelines you have in place to ensure your digital marketing places you at the forefront of your industry.

LinkedIn account management

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for businesses to utilise as part of their online marketing strategy.

Creating content and sharing this consistently will enhance your social media presence on the platform, offering an online space for potential customers to interact with your ad campaigns in a professional setting.

X account management

X, formerly known as Twitter, is a social channel that can boost traffic to your website and allow your site content to be shared with a wider audience of social media users.

Your X profile may be a user’s first interaction with your brand or online store, so staying on top of current trends whilst retaining your brand voice is key to capturing leads and maintaining a solid online presence.

B2B LinkedIn ads

If your marketing budget allows, we may recommend the avenue of LinkedIn marketing to reach a wider audience of engaged users.

With paid social techniques including text, video, dynamic and display ads, as well as sponsored content and sponsored InMail, you can reach targeted social media users on the platform to generate leads.

Who we help

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, a strong social media marketing strategy can benefit your business.

Our clients range from small businesses looking to dip their toe into the world of social media management to global corporations maintaining multiple social media platforms concurrently.

As your social media marketing agency, we’ll be on hand to provide a completely bespoke digital marketing service that hand-selects the social channels best suited to your goals. We believe that any business can succeed online with the right social media strategies to power your presence, achieve your goals and generate leads.


Our social media services

Social media strategy

We firmly believe that a robust social media strategy is the foundation of any brand’s online success. Your digital marketing should be built around you, which is why we take time to understand your brand’s identity, values and USPs. This knowledge then helps us to create a social media marketing strategy that reflects the essence of who you are and what you do. From this solid starting point, we’ll then create tailored social media content for your chosen social platforms that is dedicated to working towards your goals.

Social media management

In any form of digital marketing, consistency is key, which is why many businesses find that partnering with a social media marketing agency is beneficial. Social media management is a time-consuming task, so it’s important that you have a dedicated account manager on hand to take charge of your content creation and scheduling to help create better results.

Social media advertising

To ensure your paid media experience on social media is as efficient as possible, we take time to create a comprehensive paid digital marketing strategy that will reach your target audience on your chosen social media platforms. All social media channels deal with paid media differently, so content creation will be optimised for each platform, with strategic thinking behind every message.

Paid social media services

Social media content creation

With a social strategy in place, content creation can now be prioritised and will be identified throughout your marketing plan. Our creative team is on hand to deliver on all content requests – from graphics and asset design to copywriting and caption creation, we’re here to deliver content that helps you generate leads.

Social media training

We believe in the importance of training our clients on all things social media, empowering them to take control of their digital marketing narrative.

Our social media training services are designed to upskill your in-house marketing teams, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to complete content creation and scheduling, with or without Scoot’s ongoing input.

How it works


Social media audit

To get things started, we’ll run a tailored social media audit to evaluate the strengths and opportunities present across your current social media channels. We’ll identify the areas that need improvement, and begin work on creating your social media strategy.


Competitor analysis

A part of our social media marketing strategy will be taking time to identify and research competitors and peers in your industry. We’ll use this data to improve your brand positioning and ensure your social media strategy is primed to perform.


Persona development

It’s important to know who you’re speaking to across your various social media platforms. Creating audience personas will allow us to understand who your audience is, what content they’ll be looking for and how they operate across social media channels.


Channel development

Choosing the right mix of social media platforms will play a huge role in your social media marketing – optimising content creation for relevant social media channels will allow us to create a social media campaign that will engage with your customers and generate leads.


Social media strategy

With the preliminary research steps taken to find out all about you, your users and your goals, it’s now time to create a social media strategy that delivers results. Your social media marketing campaign will align with your brand, be built to reach your target customers and hit your marketing goals.


Creative & content creation

Content creation will play a huge role in your social media campaigns, so we take time to make sure it’s done right. Whether it’s purely organic or we’re working with paid media, our in-house team will write your copy, create your assets and schedule everything – so you won’t need to worry about a thing.


Social platform optimisation

Social platforms need unique social media strategies to provide results. We use ongoing findings and data to make sure each profile and platform is optimised fully for your business, making tweaks and fixes to keep your online presence at the top of its game.


Analytics & reporting

Your social media marketing can only be considered a success if that data tells us so. This is why we’ll provide you with regular reports focused on the metrics and results that apply to your goals, and make changes to your paid media and social media strategy if we think things need to change.

Why choose Scoot as your social media agency?

Bespoke social media marketing strategies – Our social media management services go beyond one-for-all solutions. Every social media campaign is tailored to suit your industry, your business and your goals.

Transparent communication – We are a tight-knit team of social media experts, dedicated to collaborating with you at each step of the way. Your dedicated account manager will only ever be a phone call or email away, meaning transparent communication throughout your entire social strategy.

Long-term partners – We take pride in becoming an extended part of our clients’ business. Whether it’s working on content creation, brand monitoring, social ads, or anything in between – we want to see you succeed.

Never miss a business opportunity again – In the ever-changing digital world, it’s easy for your business to get lost and never reach your target audience. Working alongside Scoot for your social media management and paid social needs will take the guesswork out of your digital marketing, meaning you can focus on nurturing leads and making sure you never miss a valuable business opportunity.


Answers to your questions

What is social media management?

Social media management involves creating, scheduling and engaging with content across various social media platforms to enhance brand visibility and build meaningful connections with your audience. At Scoot, our expert team crafts tailored strategies to optimise your social media presence, fostering growth and engagement.

Social media management primarily focuses on organic content only, in comparison to social media marketing, which involves the use of paid media.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a comprehensive approach to leveraging social platforms to target audiences for strategic brand promotion, customer engagement and lead generation. Our team at Scoot harnesses the power of social media and ad campaigns to amplify your brand message, drive conversions, and enhance your online presence.

How do you know which platforms are best for your business?

Determining the most effective social media platforms for your business involves understanding your target audience, your industry and your marketing goals. We’ll conduct a thorough analysis to identify the platforms where your audience is most active and create a dedicated marketing strategy to ensure you maintain a strong social presence that successfully presents your business online.

Is social media advertising worth the cost?

Social media advertising can be a highly effective investment, delivering targeted reach and measurable results across the digital world with social media content that’s built to generate leads and reach more customers.

Our team will evaluate your business goals and craft strategic advertising campaigns to ensure a positive return on investment. We’ll take care of the strategic thinking behind each decision made, whether it’s the creative content we use, the data tracking tools we implement or your ad spend.

What’s the difference between paid and organic social media?

Paid social media involves utilising social media ads to present your target audience with sponsored content and advertisements.

Organic social media, on the other hand, focuses on non-paid content creation and social media campaigns.

At Scoot, our expertise lies in how we create strategies to balance both approaches that rely on paid media strategies and organic social media posts.