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Website design services.

We craft beautiful and functional websites.

Turn your website visitors into customers with attractive design, carefully planned user journeys and compelling calls to action. With your goals at our heart, we can help you build an engaging and easy-to-navigate website experience that’s tailored to your audience.

Whether it’s a B2B site or a dynamic ecommerce platform, we deliver an end-to-end web design and build service from planning through to launch.

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Does my website need a redesign?

Wondering if your website is still turning heads or driving visitors away? An outdated design not only loses appeal but also sends the wrong message about your business.

A strategic redesign, aligned with your overall business goals, can breathe new life into your online presence. Boost your conversion rates, elevate your Google rankings, and cater to the evolving needs of your team and visitors through a thoughtful redesign.

Your website is the shopfront of your business, no matter what you do, so it’s crucial to ensure it looks the part to attract and convert users to customers.

Web development and design all in one

Website development and design go hand in hand. While web design makes your site look great, web development is what makes it work well. Together, they create websites that not only look good but also function smoothly.

By partnering with Scoot, you get access to a talented team of web designers and web developers who work together to create a cohesive website for your brand. This makes managing projects easier by offering a complete solution in one place, ensuring a smooth, effective and successful end result.


Bespoke web design for every brand

We capture the essence of your unique brand and showcase it on a custom-built online platform designed exclusively for you. Say goodbye to molding your brand into a template; now, you can make a distinct impression and share your story with the world on a platform that’s uniquely your own.

UX and UI design

Place the user at the centre of your website design through solutions that are tested for usability and accessibility. We deliver user interfaces and experiences that enhance satisfaction and interaction with your website.

UX design services

Responsive web design

With mobile phones leading as the most popular devices and desktops closely following, it’s crucial to have a site that’s not only usable but also scalable for diverse screen sizes and browsers.

Custom website design

Our team ensures your site is tailor-made to a unique design, incorporating your feedback at every design phase for 100% satisfaction.

Ecommerce web design

Whether dealing with virtual products or physical sales, we tailor chosen Shopify software to seamlessly align with your business model. As a Shopify Partner, we can ensure a secure and user-friendly online store experience for your customers.

Landing page design

A well-designed landing page, coupled with a great user experience, is key to converting visitors into leads. Our custom landing page designs not only reflect your brand messaging but also deliver the desired results from your ad campaigns.

SEO optimised content

Elevate your online presence beyond stunning website design. We can help you craft an impactful content strategy with SEO in mind, ensuring your website not only captivates visitors but also attracts a steady flow of organic traffic.

SEO services

Delivering inspiring and impactful designs

More than just a web design agency

We’re more than a web design agency; we’re your long-term digital partner. We offer ongoing digital marketing support for content creation, website updates, search engine optimisation and social media management. We’re here to ensure your online presence evolves seamlessly month after month.

Why choose us as your website design agency?

  • Tailored solutions – From the ground up, we craft bespoke website designs tailored precisely to your business needs.
  • Transparent communication – We are a tight-knit digital agency dedicated to collaborating with you in a meaningful way. No tech talk or jargon. Just transparent communication every step of the way.
  • Priority on security – Your online security is non-negotiable. Our development prioritises both aesthetics and data integrity, ensuring your site doesn’t compromise on either front.
  • Efficient delivery – We value your time. Our streamlined processes ensure timely project delivery, keeping your objectives at the forefront.
  • Proactive support – Beyond design & development, we can offer continuous support, ensuring your site remains optimised, up-to-date and ready to meet evolving business demands.
  • Long-term partners – We take pride in becoming an extended part of our clients’ marketing teams and want to see you succeed.

Answers to your questions

How can effective web design help your business?

Effective website design enhances your brand’s online presence, attracts and engages visitors, and ultimately converts them into customers. It creates a positive user experience, improves credibility, and aligns with your business goals for long-term success.

What makes a good website design?

A well-designed website is visually appealing, user-friendly and aligns with your brand identity. It focuses on clear navigation, responsive layout and relevant content. Accessibility, fast loading times and a well-structured design that guides users seamlessly contribute to its success. Our bespoke website design solutions mean that no matter your requirements, your website will be exactly what you need.

How much does web design cost?

The cost of web design varies based on factors like complexity, features and level of customisation. We offer personalised solutions to fit your budget, ensuring a tailored design that meets your specific business needs. For a detailed estimate, schedule a free consultation.

What are the benefits of bespoke websites?

Bespoke websites provide unique advantages, tailoring your online presence to match your brand identity and exact requirements. Customisation extends beyond visually appealing designs – incorporating unique functionalities that align precisely with your requirements is crucial to the success of your new online presence.

One standout benefit is scalability. We design and build with the future in mind, allowing your website to evolve seamlessly with your company’s growth. This user-centric, custom web design ensures a seamless and engaging experience, leading to increased visitor satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

Additionally, completely bespoke websites are optimised for search engines, ensuring better visibility, fast loading times and robust security measures. Choosing a bespoke design and build means opting for a tailored, flexible solution that positions your brand for current and future success.

What information do you need from me to start the web design process?

We’ll need insights into who you are and what you do – your company goals, target audiences, preferred design elements and any specific features and functionality you envision for your website. Sharing your brand assets, such as logos and colour schemes, is also super helpful for our design team. If you have an existing website, we’ll need access to your domain when it’s time to push your new site live.

Can you redesign my existing website, or do you only create new ones?

Absolutely! We offer both website redesign and new website creation solutions.

Whether you want to refresh your current website or start from scratch, our team is equipped to meet your needs, ensuring an updated, modern and user-friendly online presence.

Is SEO included in your web design services?

Yes, SEO can be included as an add-on to your package. We can optimise your website’s structure, content and elements to enhance visibility on search engines, driving organic traffic. This ensures that your website not only looks great but also performs well in search engine rankings.