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As a non-league club, Nairn County tackled the challenge of a new website with limited budget and remote team members to create a brand new digital presence for their team.

With freelance Sports Marketing Consultant Michael Bochel at the helm of the project, Scoot worked with Nairn to design and develop a new website for the club that would deliver an improved experience for all users.

As discussed in his podcast episode ‘Marketing a Non-League Football Club’, Michael highlights how the existing Nairn site had supported them well to a point, but following feedback from fans and stakeholders, it was agreed that it was now old, tired and not fit for purpose.

The new site, whilst boasting updated visuals that showcase the strength of the Nairn brand visuals and identity, now offers an extensive range of content for users to explore including Fixtures & Results for both First and Reserve teams, Team profiles and headshots, Club information and key Contact details.

Strong CTAs (calls to action) are also in place for commercial opportunities, such as Tickets, Hospitality experiences and online Shop, as well as consistent featuring of Club sponsors that link off to their respective websites.

Michael’s podcast episode details the steps he took to plan the site content and share this responsibility amongst club volunteers, as well as how he got buy-in from the committee.

Now live, Nairn and their fans are over the moon with their new site, and are equipped with a digital presence that will grow and support them in their journey throughout the Highland League.

Unfortunately, Nairn has no legacy data to compare with, however, their new site has boasted over 6,000 unique visitors since launching only four months ago. Nairn can now see that 72% of total fans are visiting the site on a mobile device – with a mobile-ready design, Nairn fans are now presented with a more engaging mobile presence to encourage further time on site, leading to increased ad impressions and clicks.

Google Analytics data indicates that the Home, Fixtures & Results and News pages of the site are most popular with visitors, totalling over 9,764 page views since launch. With strategically placed ads and partner references across key pages, Nairn have the chance to provide their commercial partners with a large engaged audience within their fanbase.

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