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It’s hard to believe, but two whole years have already passed since the start of Scoot Digital. So, let’s hit pause for a moment and reflect on the journey that’s brought us to this point.

How it all began.

Back in the day (well, two years ago), we were just a small digital team nested within See Saw Creative. But as fate would have it, we decided to go our own way, led by Managing Director Scott Sutherland.

Having thrived for five years under See Saw’s roof, we knew we wanted to continue offering the same exceptional services and outputs, but under a new name and brand.

Sure, our journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Case in point: another organisation trademarked our former name, We Shape. To navigate this, we embraced change and rebranded ourselves as Scoot Digital. Since then, Scoot has transformed into a workplace that we’re all proud to be a part of.

As Scott Sutherland, our Managing Director, puts it, “When I founded Scoot, my aim was to accomplish a lifelong goal of starting my own agency. I’ve always been upfront about not setting out to revolutionise the industry – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – I’ve simply been driven by a commitment to offering top-notch services and creating long-term relationships with clients. I’m proud of the positive, engaging work environment we’ve created for the team – it’s always been a key priority and I’m proud to have grown from a team of two to a team of six dedicated professionals.”

Black and white photo: Scott Sutherland and Lynsey Campbell engaged in strategic discussions at the office common space.

The culture.

Even with our agency’s growth, our culture has remained the same.

We’re an extension of your team: With a small team like ours, we skip the bureaucracy and get straight to the good stuff. Need advice from our Designer or a chat with our SEO Specialist? No need to book a meeting months in advance – just pick up the phone and we’re there, ready to help.

We produce great work: We believe that great work starts with attentive listening – a quality that’s often underrated. So, we make it a priority to listen carefully to our clients’ needs, understand their frustrations and then work tirelessly to develop effective solutions.

We are a tight-knit team: We believe that work shouldn’t be dull. Considering that a third of our lives is spent at work, we want it to be enjoyable. We thrive on good banter and strive to make every day pleasant. We know that happy people are more productive, so we focus on creating a comfortable working environment where everyone can be content and do their best.

“The Scoot team is fun and chaotic and unique in all the best ways. I look forward to coming into the office to enjoy some fun and nonsense whilst still getting through a power of work. We support each other through the stressy times, and celebrate with each other through the successes.” – Lynsey Campbell, Client Director

No tech-talk or jargon: We believe in honest and open communication both internally and with our partners. We avoid using complicated language or trying to appear more impressive than we are. We keep it real and tell it like it is. If we don’t think something is a good idea, we’ll tell you why and offer alternatives. We’re here to listen, learn and grow together.

“Our office vibe is something special; it’s all about teamwork and fresh ideas, where everyone pitches in and feels valued. What sets us apart is our ability to keep things light and fun while still nailing every task.” – Nikki Morell, Designer

We value every team member’s opinion: Everyone’s voice matters here. Whether it’s about specific projects or the direction of the agency as a whole, we believe in involving everyone in the decision-making process. We create opportunities for open discussions where everyone can contribute their ideas and leave their mark on our journey. Our goal is for every team member to feel valued, supported in their growth and empowered to contribute to something meaningful.

“At Scoot, for the first time ever, I feel like my voice actually counts. It’s like being part of a real team, not just another cog in the machine.” – Kristin, SEO Specialist

Personal development and improvement: We encourage our team to invest in developing their skills and pursuing areas of interest. That’s why we block off dedicated time in our schedules for self-improvement activities. Our goal is to make it easy for our team members to grow and advance in their careers.

The Scoot studio.

Like many startup agencies, our beginnings were humble. Initially, we used to work from the comfort of our own homes until we finally got our amazing new studio back in January 2023. Located at The Greenlaw Works Business Centre in Newton Mearns, it’s a stone’s throw away from Glasgow city centre, making it super convenient for everyone. Plus, with a train station, motorway and plenty of local stores nearby, everything we need is right at our fingertips.

But what makes our studio truly special is that it’s designed by our team. We believe that when people feel comfortable and inspired in their workspace, they’re eager to come in every day. Over time, our studio has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving alongside our growing business.

Cropped woman's hand holding a computer mouse

Our studio isn’t just a place for us to work; it’s a warm and welcoming environment for our clients and visitors too. Inside our studio, we have a kitchen, a dedicated working area with up-to-date Macbooks and standing desks, and even a cosy chill-out zone with comfy chairs and a sofa—our space is designed with both work and relaxation in mind.

Project highlights.

Over the past two years, we’re proud of the significant achievements we’ve made at Scoot – we’ve built a strong team, created successful partnerships with clients and consistently delivered high-quality services and projects.

Our year of exciting launches

In the past year, we’ve been busy launching several new websites that we’re really excited about. From giving the Scottish Women’s Football (SWF) site a total makeover, providing football fans with instant access to data and stats, to crafting a sleek website for a global recruitment agency – to name a few. Each project has had its challenges, but they’ve only made us even sharper at what we do.

Adding SEO to the mix

In 2023, we took a big step forward by introducing SEO services to our offering. This expansion not only broadened the spectrum of marketing support we provide to our clients but also amplified the impact we can have on their campaigns.

“I’m really excited to be on board with Scoot, especially at this pivotal stage where I can make a real impact by shaping our SEO service and processes. Even though I’ve only been here for a short while, it’s been incredibly rewarding to work on winning new client projects and creating ambitious SEO strategies.” – Kristin, SEO Specialist

Looking ahead.

Looking ahead, we envision a future for Scoot that’s centred on growth and evolution. We’re enthusiastic about supporting our existing clients in achieving their business objectives whilst welcoming new clients into the fold.

Our ultimate goal is to transform Scoot into a full-service agency, connecting clients with specialised expertise to ensure they receive comprehensive support throughout their marketing journey.

But for now, it’s time to celebrate – we’ll see you in three to five business days!

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