Apt’s Accessible Brand and Website

Beginning life as the Disability Employment Gap Public Social Partnership (a mouthful, we know), Apt required a name, brand and website to support them in their mission towards closing this gap.

Delivered with branding specialists See Saw Creative, Apt’s naming and brand journey began with numerous focus group conversations to get to grips with who Apt really are, their values, personality, and how we could transform this into something tangible.

Focusing on key elements of conversations with organisation members, individuals with lived experience, and stakeholders of the PSP, our team developed multiple naming and branding strategies that we felt best encompassed their mission.

And so, Apt was created.

Accessible Website Design

Strength and positivity are promoted throughout all messaging. The Apt visual and verbal identity was then developed into an online presence that would support them both now and in the future.

Apt’s website needed to be a simple, intuitive platform that delivers key information in an engaging yet accessible way. We prioritised clean design and ensured that thorough testing was a priority to ensure the best experience for users of all abilities.

The result is an engaging brand and site that supports Apt’s mission and is now fully integrated into all marketing and internal communications.

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